Bus ride, Maui 2017
 Chess Players, Maui 2017
 Ukulele strummer, Maui 2017
 North Shore surfer, Maui 2017
 Sons of Hawaii, Motorcycle Club, Maui 2017
 New York, 9/11 anniversary
 Isaach Mizrahi, New York
 Drag Queen, New York
 Drag Queens, New York
 Palm Springs, 2015
 Phillip, Vancouver
 Hot roof guy, somewhere!
 Aqua Center, Vancouver
 Ty, Vancouver
  A man named Thor, Star Ruby,  Vancouver
 Man and red door, Brooklyn
maui hammock.jpg
pointilized sky copy.jpg
 Dress code, Maui
 Palm Springs, 2015
 Hot Dog Man, New York
 Maui, 2018
 Adios Amigo, 2018
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