Seawall, Vancouver BC.


Local Vancouver artist/photographer/designer. Having moved from Calgary to attend Emily Carr Art and Design school back in the 90’s, I graduated in the sculpture department and photography which has been the main focus of my creativity ever since.

Primarily I have been a street style photographer with more interest in the everyday nuances of life and the small moments people dont always see. My path didn’t take me to doing weddings or special events, as I would rather shoot the people smoking in the alley at the wedding reception than shoot the bride and groom at the alter, but thats just my style.

My work varies from photography, mixed media, to sewing and more recently creating a line of bags/pouches/pillows using recycled fabrics. I also incorporate recycling into my art in that manner, both in subject and concept, as to my latest series of photo/mixed media works recently shown at Milanos Coffee. “Searching for Nietzche” (photoography/mixed media/)

There is much more work that I am able to showcase in this website so if interested in seeing more, please contact me.